The Moo Cares About Our Environment!

Our state-of-the–art wash process is the one of the most efficient systems in the country.  Our multi-million dollar investment in the most efficient equipment is a true test to our commitment to the environment.


Our wash process uses an on demand timing system that profiles and measures your vehicle delivering water precisely to your vehicles surface.  Our wash water is then captured and routed into our extensive reclamation system.   This system treats the water removing all solids and contaminates and redelivers to the vehicle in our High Pressure uses.  This system allows us to wash your vehicle with less than 20 gallons of fresh water.


Our washes are all electronically timed electric tunnels that utilize VFD technology.  This allows us to start our motors in the most efficient way thereby remove “spikes” in energy usage.  Our vacuum systems also use VFD technology that sense the demand for suction and ramps up the motor to efficiently produce required suction.  Combined with our use of High Efficient LED lighting, our sites use far less energy than washes of the past.

Natural Gas

Our washes utilize 99% efficient hot water systems.  These systems allow us to maximize every BTU out of the natural gas allowing us to heat our cleaning soaps.  Hot soap allows for a reduction in chemical usage which is also a nice benefit to the environment.

Noise Reduction

Our washes feature best-in-class noise reduction technology enhancements to help alleviate excessive noise both in the wash tunnel and vacuum lot.